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With Essential Oils & Aloe Vera.
Antibacterial 70% Ethyl Alcohol. Fast Acting Antiseptic.
Solution Leaves Hands Soft and Smooth.
No Stickiness.
Used to decrease bacteria on the skin that could cause disease.
Recommended for repeat use.
16.9 oz bottles can conveniently be used at home, work, or school.
Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with FDA Listing.
Contains 70% Alcohol.
Clean and disinfect your hands in only 30 seconds.
Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with FDA Listing.
16.9 oz bottles can conveniently be used at home, work, or school.
No need to rinse.
Water based acrylic paint.
Repels insects: mosquitoes, cockroaches, scorpions, termites and others.
Ideal for interiors and exteriors in domestic areas, hotels, schools, restaurants, industry and any other place that needs protection.
Safe for kids and pets.
3 patents granted by the United States Trademark and Patent Office.
More than 4 patents pending.
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Epoxy paint.
Water based.
100% solids.
High-tech product.
Solvent free.
Designed for extreme enviroments (abrasion, corrosion, high temperatures and traffic).
Ideal for hospitals, laboratories, industry, parking lots, public spaces, food industry.
Environmentally friendly.
Optimal for concrete and pavement / Special version for metal structures.
Acrylic paint.
High performance.
Plastics finish.
Optimal for concrete, sheetrock, drywall, briacks and wood.
Lead free.
Solvent free.
Perfect Texture and colors.
Any color and more than 4 different qualities.
  • ● Thermal insulator.
  • ● Waterproofing coating.
  • ● Ideal for roofs.
  • ● Energy savings (air conditioner, forced heat).
  • ● Eco-friendly.
  • ● No reinforcing fabric is needed.
  • ● Ideal for concrete, wood, among other surfaces.
  • ● Solvent based formula.
  • ● High-tech oxide and rust remover.
  • ● Perfect for extreme rust removal task and difficult surface.
  • ● Removes contaminants with high molecular weight.
  • ● Immediate results.
  • ● High-tech degreaser.
  • ● Ideal for grease, oil and diesel removal.
  • ● Optimal for metals, concrete, pavements and plastics.
  • ● Environmentally friendly.