About us

More than 50 years of experience in the industry.

In Supernova Group we bring purpose and meaning by dedicating our passion and energy in the development and creation of unique products and solutions focused in Quality of Life (Supernova Lab) and Interactive Materials (Supernova Inks). Through our outstanding team of professionals and the application of advanced material science technology we offer exclusive and / or patented products to the Marketplace.

In Supernova Group we are concerned about the environment and how our decisions can improve our way of living in a sustainable way. Our decision-making process is based on a responsible vision by creating products that change present and future generations lives in a positive way.

Nowadays we have 03 Patents granted by United States Patent and Trademark Office and more than 10 patents in process (Mexico and the U.S.)

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Recognition from different organizations for the quality and innovation of our products.

Why choose us?

With an experience of 50 years + in the industry.

We enjoy changing the “status quo” and the main paradigms of the industry: we materialize our ideas and contribute to social welfare.

Congruence between our thoughts and actions. We cultivate human relationships and business with integrity and a long-term view.